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How it works

Clothes as it should be – made to your measurements and preferences.

Custom tailoring

At Mond, we believe that custom tailoring is the future of classic men’s fashion. As a consumer you get a better product, made from the best materials and sewn from scratch with your goals and preferences as a base. From our point of view, it is a more environmentally conscious approach to making clothes, as we only start producing when we receive your order. Therefore, we eliminate the massive waste of clothing that the overstock of odd sizes and colours usually represent in regular ready-to-wear fashion.

The process - from start to finish.

Book appointment

You start by booking an appointment. Click on the button below and select "Design and measurement " as well as which of our 3 stores you want to visit. This ensures that we have reserved a full hour, just for you. That way, we can provide you with the best possible service. You will receive a confirmation as well as a reminder a few hours before your appointment with us is due.

Visit us in stores

When you drop by one of our stores, we start by covering your preferences and desires as well as any previous experiences. That way, we can give you the right advice in regards to fit, weight, weaving, colors as well as cuts. We strive everyday, to be the best in our line of business so that we can provide you with the best advices and service. This ensures you get just the right clothes, whether it's for work, casual or wedding etc.

Choice of fabric

The design process itself typically starts with a walk-through of our fabrics. Based on your needs, we will present you with a selection of fabrics that meets your criteria. We carry more than 11.000 different fabrics, in every imaginable color, pattern, weight class and weave. We work with the best mills in Italy and England, which are among the world leaders in the weaving of textiles for suits, shirts etc. You can see a small selection of our fabrics for Suits, or Shirts here. Once you've chosen the fabric, it's time to design.

The personal details

We offer a wealth of different design options to make your new clothes unique. Of course, we will make sure to advice you throughout the process, but you are free to choose both lapel, pockets, buttons, lining, vents, embroidered initials etc. If you design a shirt you can choose collar, cuff, front, buttons, initials etc. Whether you want to go classic, or want to stand out from the crowd, you have the options at your fingertips.

3D Body Scan

With our 3D bodyscanner, we are able to map your body shape and extract over 400 different measurements with a precision that even not the most experienced tailor can imitate. The scan itself is quite harmless and takes less than 30 seconds to complete. The result is a complete representation of your body measurements and posture.


At Mond, we have developed a modern and bulletproof approach to extracting measurements, to ensure you the perfect fit. We use a combination of 3D body scanning, fitting garments and the classic tape measure to capture your preferences and deliver the most accurate fit in the business. We create a pattern that is tailored to your body and which takes into account both lengths, circumference, shoulder width, inclination, sleeve rotation, posture etc. Once the order is placed, our system will automatically send all data to our production in Portugal, and you will be continuously informed by mail about your order until it lands in the store.


When your clothes are finished and received in the store, you will receive an email as well as a text, and asked to book time for a pickup. Here you will try the final clothes on and we will review the fit to make sure everything fits as it should. If something needs to be adjusted, this is done by our own in-house tailors at no cost to you as a customer. We have a 30-day fitting guarantee and all alterations will be updated on your profile for future reference. Now it's easy for you to make new orders with your very own fit, either online or through our stores.