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The construction

How we make the world’s best suits

European production and quality

At Mond, we are proud of the way we produce. We take pride in delivering the best product at the best possible price. The vision has resulted in many trips around the world, to visit countless manufacturers. We have seen the best, and the worst, and was able to select the best partners in the business, with that priceless experience in mind. Our suit production is located in Portugal, where they have proud traditions in the textile industry. Our suit is strongly inspired by the classic Italian tailoring traditions, but without the high price tag that would normally accompany an Italian-made suit.

Half canvas

Our suit comes standard with a half canvas construction with floating chest piece. The chest piece consists of a layer of canvas (wool), woolcloth and a soft layer of cotton felt. These different layers are first sewn together, and then stitched together with the outer fabric so that it is held in place without the use of glue/fuzing as you otherwise see on many confectionery suits. This gives you a floating chest piece that can move and shape over time, according to your body.

Full canvas (+1499)

A full canvas construction gives you the best of the best. The floating canvas covers the entire front and goes from the shoulder, down to the bottom of the jacket (opposite half canvas which goes to the top button). Furthermore, the entire sleeve is put on by hand to ensure optimal placement and construction. Since the full canvas construction is more demanding, an additional week’s delivery time is also required.

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